Extreme Sports Team
Trail Rig Class

 M.E.Rock has decided to try a  Trail Rig Class.

 The Trail Rig Class will consist of Off-road Vehicles, that most people ride to the trails. If you qualify for another class, you may still qualify for this one, also. There are two(2) classes by tire size. Listed below are the requirements. These requirements are subject to change.

 Classes:  Up to 35" tires
                36" tires and Up

  (1) Suitable Rollcage This can be internal or external.

  (2) Seat with 5-point harness

  (3) Helment

  (4) 2 Fire Extenguisers in reach of driver.

  (5) Fuel Cell or Propane  Either plastic fuel cell or stock tank in stock location will be accepted.

  (6) Kill Switch must be in reach of driver and marked.

  (7) Firesuit or Long Pants must be worn by driver.

 ALL VEHICLES MUST BE INSPECTED BY M.E. ROCK TECH INSPECTOR. Everyone is Welcome. We are concerned about safety. It is the most important thing. Not Only For You, but also for Us,Judges, and Spectators.

 Entry Fee: $175.00

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