Extreme Sports Team

July 20/21

 Bill & Chicky Barton took first in the unlimited. Them, with the other teams, put on an exciting show. The teams worked hard on completing the courses. Here, you see, Chicky stacking rocks to maneuver thru the gate. 

   With the Excitement just beginning, we  are looking forward to rest of this year. We will be having the next event on July 20-21, 2012. It is scheduled to be another night event. 
 There are different classes for the teams to enter. Even thou there are differences in the classes, they all are out to win.

This was a good save.  And many others, and rollovers kept everyone on the seats. As the night went on, it continued to hold the fans' attention.


 The rock crawlers weren't the only thing climbing rocks. The U.S. Army brought out a rock wall. There were people climbing all through the night.
 Did you make it to the rock crawl? Can you see yourself in the crowd?

 We are going to start posting pictures of spectators. If you want your picture on the net, stop someone in the media vests. All pictures will not be posted, but it may be yours.

 Here is also one of the teams, throwing out items to the crowd. Was you able to catch a souvener?
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