Extreme Sports Team

April 20-21

                                               Bill and Chicky climbed there way to the top unlimited spot.


 We did have some new comers from Rhode Island. They have done some off-road competitions, but their first W.E.Rock Event. Driver,Josh Jordan, and spotter, John Nyblom, came in third.

                      No matter what class or course you were at, there was always something happening.


 Getting set up takes some work. Buford Kizzar and Lil' Richard Kizzar helping Jeromy prepare Mo-Mo's Roasted Corn.

As the night set in, so did the fans. Everyone bundled up, but did not stray from the show.

  Bring your friends to the next event. 

 Sometimes the spotters have to do a little more than tell the driver how close they are. Jeff Speer has to move a huge rock.

 As you can see it takes a team effort to manage the course. Carl Shortridge is guided by Mike Fox on the edge of atleast a 4.5' drop.

 The U.S. Army brought a climbing wall out for the event. Friday, a lot of people took turns in trying the wall. Due to wind, on Saturday, they were not able to be put back up. The U.S. Army said they can't wait till next event. They plan on bringing the wall back for the July 20-21 event.

                               And the winner is???

  They took turns racing up the wall. Some were fast. Some were slow. And like some rock crawlers, they didn't get to finish the course.

 The main thing is everyone had fun!!!
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